Farrah Abraham's Daughter Will Be Homeschooled, But Not by Her

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Farrah Abraham had a lot of people concerned when she recently revealed that her daughter Sophia was being homeschooled.

Aside from the fact that Farrah has said some not-so-brilliant things in interviews and her grammar leaves much to be desired, others pointed out that the former reality star doesn't even have her college degree yet.

Plus, there is the scheduling issue. When would Farrah have time to edumacate her daughter while she's SO busy working at a local strip club?

Well, everyone can rest easy because fortunately, Farrah isn't going to be the one schooling Sophia. In a new interview with Wetpaint, the sex tape star clarified how the whole school situation is set up.

"We do it through a university that's local," she explained. "They have a tutor that comes in. I'm just supportive and a good parent. I think that's what makes a difference in where she's at, and how excelled she is. It's pretty cool."

Of course, there are still people who are mad at Farrah for taking her daughter out of a class full of her peers, but we're not even gonna get into that debate. We're just glad to hear that Sophia will have a dedicated tutor who has hopefully been around the block a few times.
Farrah Abraham: Will She Let Her Daughter Make a Sex Tape?
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