Iggy Azalea Uses Makeshift Ghost Costume to Shield Her Face From Paparazzi

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Iggy Azalea is going through some pretty tough stuff right now, so we can totally understand why she's trying to keep a low profile and hide from the paparazzi.

Unfortunately, the things she's doing to try to hide from paparazzi are making her stick out like a sore thumb AND make the photos that much more interesting.

On Tuesday, the rapper showed up at Los Angeles International Airport wearing a very meager attempt at a disguise. She had a brown wig with bangs on and it was 100% obviously that it was Iggy hiding under that hair.

Of course, everyone was talking about it because her disguise attempt actually drew more attention to her.

On Thursday, she decided to mix things up a little bit and wore a blanket over her head as part of a makeshift ghost costume. Either she was totally mocking her failed attempt with the wig a few days earlier, or she just REALLY doesn't want to be photographed and she doesn't care what she has to do to hide her face.

We actually feel really bad for her. Being at the center of a potential sex tape scandal with your ex boyfriend (especially when you're in a new relationship) can't be easy. Being hounded by paparazzi ABOUT it would only make things that much worse.

So, if the blanket is making you feel more comfortable - get on with your ghost self, girl!
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