Now THESE Are Girl Push-Ups! Watch This 10-Year-Old Show Everyone How It's Done

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During an Active Heroes fundraiser in North Carolina on September 6, the JROTC had set up a fun contest where people could challenge one of their cadets to a push-up contest.

Of course, we're all seen what military training looks like and it would be pretty safe to assume that any JRTOC candidate could absolutely crush pretty much anyone off the street who tried to challenge them to a push-up contest.

That was probably the case, until 10-year-old Kaylyn Mintz came along. In this video, the young girl totally shows the cadet up, cranking out push-ups long after he's thrown in the towel.

To be fair, Kaylyn has probably had some practice, because she's an aspiring gymnast, who trains 17-20 hours a week and is even trying out for the U.S. Junior Olympic team, BUT that being said, the JROTC cadet probably had a ton of training, too.

So, fair fight...and the girl won!

(h/t People)

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