Paris Hilton's Pup Already Has a New Name and an Instagram With 25K Followers

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Paris Hilton's new Pomeranian pup doesn't have time for the least that's what it says on his Instagram.

After his mom changed his name from Mr. Amazing to Prince Hilton, the little pup has been embracing his life as a celebrity pet, going on shopping sprees and prancing around in his plush pen filled with toy bottles of "Cristail," among other daily activities.

"Wow! I only started this account yesterday & already have 20 thousand followers. Love my fans so much! Time to celebrate with a glass of Crystal!," he captioned one shot.

In his spare time, Prince spends his time reading A Famous Dog's Life, which tells the story of Gidget, "America's Most Beloved Chihuahua," i.e. Reese Witherspoon's adorable dog in Legally Blonde. "Just started reading my first book. Maybe I can learn some advice on how to live my new life. #LifeStylesOfTheRichAndFamous," he captioned a shot of the book cover.

He's also totally crushing on Lady from Lady and the Tramp after watching the movie for the first time, loves to cuddle up with his teddy bear and often ponders how to make his hair more voluminous.

And in just two days, little Prince has racked up almost 26,000 followers. With those cute looks, we're sure there will be many more to come.

Watch out Boo. There's a new adorable pup in town.
It's Paris Hilton's New Doggy!

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