This College Student's Cell Phone Won't Stop Ringing Thanks to Justin Bieber

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We've all gotten wrong number phone calls before. But what happens when you get hundreds of them over the matter of a few days, and the people on the other end are asking for Justin Bieber? Yes, Bieber.

That's exactly what happened to college student Jackie Ratelle. Her phone number was tweeted out Monday night by a stranger, and was labeled as Bieber's digits.

"A little bit beyond me, I didn't expect it. I was a little more confused that it was Canada and Colombia,"Jackie said in an interview about getting the random calls and texts. They came in from everywhere, domestic and abroad. She got over 400 in less than half a day, and they're driving her phone bill up.

This isn't the first time this has happened. The tweeting-a-fake-Bieber-number joke has gone on for years. Justin has even played the game, tweeting out enemies' numbers as his own before.

Jackie's still contemplating on changing her phone number. Would you if you were her?
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