Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting Reveals Why She's Not Ready for Kids Just Yet

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We love Kaley Cuoco so much and this interview is another perfect example of why.

The Big Bang Theory actress has been married for almost a year now and every woman knows that pretty much the second you get married, you get the "so...when are you having kids?" question from everyone you encounter.

As for Kaley, she and her hubby Ryan Sweeting want kids (very much!) but they want to wait just a little while longer and in a new interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Kaley revealed the reason why.

"We can't wait, we both love kids," she revealed and then explained that they just got another fur baby, who gave Kaley a big reality check. "We do want to have kids, but I've lost this dog in the backyard so many times that I'm afraid I need to practice on not losing her so I'm not losing my child."

Of course, Ellen pointed out that children don't really tend to dig under fences and things like that, but we think Kaley's reason is totally adorable...as is pretty much everything else that comes out of her mouth.

And don't worry, guys, the dog is present and accounted for!

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