Nash Grier Talks Meeting Fans, Giving Back and "Changing the World"

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Vine star Nash Grier has partnered with friends and fellow online sensations Cameron Dallas, Carter Reynolds and Hayes Grier for a special sweepstakes called "Your Personal Fam Tour" (enter the sweepstakes here) to raise money for their favorite charities. Here's how it works: No purchase is necessary to enter, but fans can enter by buying a raffle ticket for just one dollar, and the more raffle tickets you buy (aka the more you donate), the greater your chances of winning.

All of the money raised be the contest is being donated to the EVE Foundation, Hope for Holt and Love is Louder charities. Once the sweepstakes ends, the winner and nine of their closest friends will get to spend a day with Nash, Cameron and the rest of the crew.

Sounds like a dream come true for one of their biggest fans. We got a chance to chat with Nash about the contest and his newfound fame when he was visiting home in North Carolina (he happened to be at his little bro's football game when he called us).

The charity Nash chose to donate the sweepstakes proceeds to is called Hope for Holt, a foundation started for his cousin and built to raise awareness about a rare disease called Cystinosis, as well as support the Cystinosis Research Foundation in hopes of finding a cure.

"Holt is my cousin, and he was diagnosed with Cystinosis when he was a kid. Cystinosis is a disease that deteriorates all your major organs over time. He's lived well past what he's expected to. He is just the greatest, most joyful bowl of sunshine in the world. You'll never catch the kid without a smile. He's a role model to me just because of his outlook on life," said Nash. "He's just such a great kid, it's really unfortunate what happened to him, so I just want to bring awareness for his case."

Nash is excited to use his massive social media following to give back, but just as pumped to spend a day with the sweepstakes winner. He told us what he and they guys have in store for the lucky fan.

"Me and Cam (Cameron Dallas) argue about this, but I kind of wanted to go to Disneyland, but I've heard, 'Oh you need security,' but Cam's idea was just a dinner and a movie type date," said Nash. "You never really know what's going to end up happening with me, Cam, Carter and Hayes."

Yes, the winners gets to spend a whole day (possibly even go on a date) with the boys. Nash is excited to get the chance to really know some of his biggest fans.

"I love meeting new people. Between all the meet and greets I've done, like MAGCON, DigiFest, we usually don't get to sit and have a conversation with the people that we're meeting and it's really nice to just actually get to know someone who supports you and puts all that time and effort in behind a keyboard," said Nash. "That's really special to me, so I really am looking forward to hanging out with the winners of the sweepstakes."

Nash and his pals meet thousands of girls at meet and greet, but what makes a girl stand out?

"I'm really good at putting a face to a name. Usually if you just come and tell me your name and smile, that's usually the best thing. I'll smile back, or I'll usually smile at you first. There's not one specific thing that really makes me say like, 'Oh look at her.' Be yourself is the best advice I can give you," said Nash. "I'm excited to meet anyone who supports me."

Would he date a fan he met at a meet and greet?

"I would date just about anyone that I fell in love with or liked so if I fell in love with someone at a meet and greet convention then probably."

Sounds like a yes! Nash is the most followed person on Vine, but his favorite person to follow is comedian Bo Burnham. Not only does Nash know lots of digital stars, he's also brushed shoulders with some big names celebrities. He says his favorite celeb he's met so far is Pharrell Williams. So, besides making funny six second videos, what's his ultimate goal?

"Ultimately, I just want to entertain people. Entertain people and make people smile. Whether that's movies, TV, whatever it is, I just want to make people smile. If I can do that comfortably for the rest of my life, I'll be a happy guy. I also want to use my following to help people. I want to do something good. I want to change the world and make an impact," said Nash. "I want make a difference, whether that's through Hope for Holt or another charity or another project, I just want to make my mark and change the world."

Enter the Your Personal Fam Tour Sweepstakes here before it ends on Sept. 19. And check out the cute selfie Nash sent us from his brother's football game in North Carolina below.


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