WTF?! Did This Talking Barbie Just Drop an F-Bomb?

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All right, seriously...what the f**k?!

A mother bought this talking Barbie doll for her daughter, which is supposed to be based on Barbie's reality web series Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse (who knew Barbie had a reality series?) and when she heard her daughter playing with the toy, she was a little taken aback.

The doll is programmed to say phrases like "Amaze," "There is no substitute for glitter," and "To the salon!" So, basically, she probably sounds like a '90s version of Paris Hilton.

She also says "Off the hook!" but it ends up sounding A LOT like "what the f**k." Technology has come a long way and they can make those talking dolls sound pretty real now, so there shouldn't be that grainy audio tape-sounding stuff coming out of these toys anymore.

Then again, we've got a whole bunch of girls trying to look like human versions of the Barbie doll, maybe they were just trying to make a Barbie doll that sounded more like regular humans.

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