This Homecoming Queen Handed Over Her Crown to a Bullied Classmate

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While schools sometimes get it twisted, the homecoming queen is not just supposed to be the prettiest girl or the female half of that year's "it" couple.

The homecoming queen is supposed to embody the spirit of the school. They should be a kind person, a person the other students sort of look up to - you know, all that good stuff. Sort of a "best all around" kind of thing.

In this case, a Texas homecoming queen proved that she absolutely embodied all of those characteristics when she turned around and gave her crown to her bullied friend.

Anahi Alvarez and her friend Naomi Martinez were both nominated for homecoming court. They were absolutely horrified when they heard that their friend and fellow senior, Lillian Skinner, had been the victim of a cruel prank where students told her she had been nominated for homecoming court and she hadn't.

The girls both made a secret pact that if either of them won, they would give the crown to Lillian. Well, one of them did win, and when Anahi was announced as homecoming queen, she immediately handed over her crown to Lillian.

"Lillian won, I just ran in her position," Anahi told NBC5. We think everyone came out a winner in this case.

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