The First Person to Buy an iPhone 6 Dropped it on Live TV: Watch

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What is the first thing you do if you're lucky enough to snag an iPhone 6? Anything but drop it on the ground...hopefully.

Still, as the first person to buy the new phone stepped out of an Apple store in Perth, Australia, that was exactly what happened when a TV news reporter asked him to pull it out and show it to the outlet's viewers.

As 18-year-old Jack Cooksey excitedly whipped the phone out of the box, it slipped out and dropped on the concrete ground, making a loud crack sound. You could hear onlookers gasping as it happened (and so were we).

Luckily, when Jack picked it up, his iPhone 6 - including the screen - was still intact. "I was shocked. I didn't expect to be the first one out the store let alone drop the thing," Jack said with a laugh on Perth's 9 News later.

"I think in the panic and the excitement, I dropped it. Frankly it was a bit scary, but it's all good. It's not broken," he continued.


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