Kylie Jenner Experiments With Another New 'Do and It's Perfect!

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Kylie Jenner has changed her hair yet again and today's 'do is all kinds of awesome.

In the past few months, Kylie has gone from long dark hair to short dark hair to dip-dyed green tips, to dip-dyed blue tips, back to short black hair, short black hair with the back of her head shaved, black extensions and now...this, which is kind of a combination of all of the above.

She's still got her short hair, unless the Kardashians have some weird hair-growing secret where they can grow it inches which case, someone needs to spill it, stat!

We're gonna go out on a limb and assume she's wearing extensions, which we can totally appreciate because we LOVE when Kylie has long hair and we don't really care if it's natural or not.

We also loved the dip-dyed blue tips and now she's finally found the right combination where she's giving us the best of both worlds.

We kind of feel like we've been playing a slot machine and all of the little pictures finally lined up (we're picturing straight 7's, but if prefer cherries or oranges or even those little money bags, go ahead and picture it however you want, we won't judge). Either way, this hairstyle combo is a total jackpot.

Kylie unveiled the new 'do while she was showing off her new iPhone 6, which just proves how hot her hair is because we barely even noticed the phone.

What do you guys think of Kylie's new hair?
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