How Is Kim Kardashian Going to Discipline Her Daughter?

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The world's obsession with North West is only getting more intense and while we've seen how shockingly well-behaved the baby is when they're out in public, everyone wants to know what goes on behind closed doors.

Kids act up, it's a fact of life. Kim Kardashian's ex, Reggie Bush, recently caused controversy when he said that he would "harshly" discipline his one-year-old daughter. While he said that he would not spank her, people were still upset by what "harsh" discipline might mean.

Of course, since Kim and Reggie dated for a hot minute and they both have kids around the same age, the parenting style comparison is inevitable.

So, how do Kim and hubby Kanye West discipline their daughter? It sounds like they take more of a positive reinforcement approach.

"North will be given clear boundaries that a child needs, and there will be consequences that won't involve any hitting or spanking. It's all about rewarding the positive behavior, and dealing with the naughty tantrums with patience and love," an insider tells RadarOnline.

It also sounds like Kim will be doing most of the disciplining, because the source says that Nori is a total "daddy's girl" and has Kanye wrapped around her tiny little finger.

We're not gonna lie, North is so darn cute, we can't imagine her ever talking back or ever getting into trouble at all.

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