New Teen Mom 2 Clip Sparks Online Debate: Whose Side Are You On?

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As usual, MTV posted their Teen Mom 2 sneak peek for this week's upcoming episode. Usually, it's just a teaser for something that we'll see the rest of when the episode airs, which is pretty much the whole point of a sneak peek, but this one was a little different.

In this sneak peek from this week's episode, Leah Calvert is talking with her stepdad about the fact that Corey Simms is filing for full custody of the twins, which was last week's huge shocker.

This clip doesn't tease in the usual way, though, we see the full conversation and some very raw emotions from Leah, including when her stepdad acknowledges that things are "difficult" and a worn-down Leah asks "When's it gonna be over, though?"

In the comments, though, instead of reactions to the clip, fans got into a pretty heated debate about Ali's therapy and how THEY felt the custody of the kids should be set up.

"The two letters Corey is talking about is the two vacations. If Leah is such a bad mom he would have tons more against her but he does not," one person wrote. "Ali's health would go downhill fast if Corey gets full custody which I know he won't he has no proof she's a bad parent," another chimed in.

Not everyone was on Leah's side, though.

"I think Corey should get full custody of his kid all Leah is money for him why don't she get off her a** n get a job so I hope Corey does get full custody he a great dad," one person argued. "Leah is scared that she's going to have to pay support and she won't have the money to pay for her nails and hair and all that," someone else vented.

Of all the commenters' varied opinions, which do you guys agree with? Or do you not agree with any of them?

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