Scott Michael Foster Talks 'Frozen' and 'Once Upon a Time' Crossover, Plus Childhood Classics

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You don't have to let it go just yet.

Your favorite Frozen characters, Anna, Elsa and Kristoff (and Sven) will be making an appearance on the popular ABC show Once Upon a Time. How will the animated film and the show tie together? We got to sit down with Scott Michael Foster, who will be playing Kristoff, and he gave us all the deets plus his own childhood favorites.

C: You're best known as Cappie on ABC Family's Greek. But have you always wanted to be an actor?
SMF: "It's a combination of different things. I really liked watching a slew of movies when I was a kid. I'd watch them over and over again and I'd act out the scenes. I remember thinking at one point it wasn't fair that my 9-year-old self couldn't play a certain role. I remember watching The Last of the Mohicans and I wanted to play the role Daniel Day Lewis played. It didn't seem fair to me that I couldn't do it. I found it frustrating. I think at that point I made the decision."

C: Frozen is the highest-grossing animated film of all time. Were you a big fan prior to landing the role of Kristoff?
SMF: "I've watched it a couple times with my nieces and nephews when I visited home for Christmas so I was aware of it, but when the auditions came around I watched it again to refresh my brain and mind about the character. I'm a child of the early '90s, so I watched movies like Aladdin and beauty and the Beast, I really like Disney animated movies. You can say I liked it before I even read for it because it definitely reminds me of my childhood."

C: How has filming been in Canada?
SMF: "It's been great! I like the people that are involved, it's a really good cast. The cast has been there for four years, they know each other really well and there's a lot of professionalism. They've accepted all the people coming from the Frozen story line with open arms."

C: Speaking of the story line, how are the two [Frozen and Once Upon a Time] getting tied together?
SMF: "I can't say a whole lot, but some photos has been released. You see photos of Kristoff and Elsa with Sven. You see Anna as well. I'm dancing around of what not to explain. Basically the writers did a really good job transferring the story of Frozen to Once Upon a Time. And going from animated to real life, they did it really well."

C: Frozen is quickly becoming a big classic for kids today. Are there any childhood classics you loved?
SMF: "Oh yeah, Aladdin was a big one. I watched that one over and over again. I remember seeing the trailer for Aladdin in the movie theater, back in like 1992. It was one of those things I saw in theaters a lot, had it on video and watched at home. This is one of those same experiences for my nieces and nephews as it was for me."

Once Upon a Time returns with season 4 on September 28.
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