This Little Girl's Pre-Flu Shot Performance Is Nothing Short of Epic

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'Try to be cool, it's no big deal, it's just...OH MY GOD that needle is bigger than I expected and it's headed straight for my flesh. Why did I ever agree to this?!'

Let's face it, even though we're mature and have to act like we're totally composed about the whole thing, we all freak out a little bit when we have to get a flu shot - or any shot, for that matter.

The worst is when they give them at school or work because everyone is watching and you have to try extra hard to hide the fact that you're having an internal meltdown about something that nobody else seems to think is a big deal.

It's a needle, guys, and it happens to hurt like hell when it stabs through your skin, thank you.

Fortunately for us, this girl held nothing back and if you can't relate to every single emotion that she hit in the minute leading up to the injection, congratulations on your nerves of steel.

As for the rest of us, this girl totally embodies our pre-shot internal thought process.

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