Why Are Jenelle Evans' Fans Concerned About Baby Kaiser?

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Jenelle Evans can't even sneeze without the internet totally freaking out. To be fair, a lot of things they've freaked out about have been cause for concern, but sometimes something so simple as getting her son Jace's haircut sends fans into a frenzy.

In this case, people might have jumped the gun a little bit, but it seems that they actually did stumble across a valid concern.

After Jenelle posted this picture of her boyfriend Nathan Griffith, eagle-eyed Twitter users immediately noticed the pack of cigarettes sitting on the ground next to the chair.

Immediately, some people assumed the worst, worrying that Jenelle and Nathan were smoking in the house with baby Kaiser. When Jenelle tried to defend herself, it actually backfired on her.

"Nobody smokes in my house. We step out on the front or back porch," Jenelle wrote in their defense, and later tried to prove it by tweeting that she was "outside right now smoking a cig lol."

Most people weren't lol-ing with her, however, because first of all, nobody knew she was smoking again and second of all, that opened up a whole new can of worms.

Jenelle is breastfeeding and according to CafeMom, if you're smoking while breastfeeding, "your baby is smoking too."

Also, we've all smelled the post-cigarette odor on someone and some have pointed out that baby Kaiser could be breathing that in, especially because they're co-sleeping right now.

What do you guys think? Is it fine if she's not smoking near the baby or do you think she's making a big mistake?

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