How Did Scott Disick Help Ryan Rottman Score a Starring Role on MTV's 'Happyland'?

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Where is your happy place?

Ryan Rottman's is at his brand new MTV show, Happyland. The show is about "the underbelly of theme parks," the 30-year-old actor told us. He also spilled how he channeled his inner Scott Disick for his role of Chandler.

C: What can we expect from Happyland?
RR: "The characters are all the kids that work in the theme parks and you see the crazy s**t that happens when they get out of their costumes. Sometimes they're still in their costumes, but they leave the main floor and they go down in these tunnels and break rooms and the mischief they get into is pretty crazy."

C: How does your character Chandler fit into the series?
RR: "My family created the park and we just moved back to run it. I'm the creative director so I oversee everything. I get to interact with all the characters which is fun cause I get scenes with them individually and in a group."

C: We heard you had to tap into your inner Lord (Scott) Disick for this role?
RR: "Yeah, it was pretty funny. I was in the audition room and they were like 'That's great. Do you watch KUWTK?' I said I don't, they asked if I knew who Scott Disick is and I was like 'Yeah I know who Scott Disick is.' They said they needed me to channel his persona and I was like 'Okay, that's interesting. I can try that.' So I just upped a little bit of the cockiness and a little bit of the hard-ass and it worked!"

C: Now that Scott's persona helped you, have you started to keep up with the Kardashians?
RR: "I still haven't, but I did look him up on Instagram and a few interviews. I wanted him (my character) to have a softer side as well. He has redeeming qualities."

C: What do you hope people takeaway from the show?
RR: "It's a dramedy (drama and comedy). It definitely deals with issues that some people might run into. It's the same issues, just a different platform. In the end of the first episode, Ian and Bianca's characters share a kiss and they find out they are possibly brother and sister. How do you deal with that bombshell? It's cool for other people that are going through the same kind of things."

Don't forget to catch the premiere of Happyland on MTV on September 30.
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