Is Kylie Jenner's Mesh Top Inappropriate for a 17-Year-Old?

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While Kylie Jenner looks (we mean that in a good way) and acts a lot older than she actually is, we sometimes forget that she's only 17 years old. Then, something like this comes along and reminds us.

In this new Instagram photo that Ky posted with her friend Jordyn, people couldn't help but notice the reality star's super sexy mesh top.

Obviously, you can totally see her bra, which is obviously the point (because why else would you wear a mesh top?) but some people think she's a little young for an outfit like that.

"Kylie Jenner Exposes Bra In See Through Shirt: Too Risky For A Teen?" a Hollywood Life headline read, along with a reader poll that showed the majority of readers (70% at the time this article was published) thought that yes, the shirt was too revealing.

We're kind of on the fence, though. It's just a bra, after all, and Kylie is just staying true to her edgy, fashion-forward style.

Yes, she's 17, but she isn't posing naked or anything (you can do that when you're 18, right Kendall Jenner?) and for all we know, it might have been a bikini top, which for some reason doesn't have the same social stigma, even though it's basically the exact same thing.

What do you guys think? Do you think Kylie's outfit is too sexy for a 17-year-old?

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