Did Jenelle Evans Leave a 10 Cent Tip at a Restaurant?

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We can totally picture what Barbara Evans' reaction to this story would be!

Jenelle Evans is being accused of stiffing a waitress by leaving a 10 cent tip after a birthday celebration for her baby daddy Nathan Griffith on Saturday night.

Apparently, the service was REALLY slow and Nathan never got his birthday cake that was supposedly ordered, so the group left a 10 cent tip and a nasty note on the back of the receipt.

Here's the thing, though, Jenelle wasn't the one picking up the tab. Nathan's mom paid for the birthday bash and shared this message with Jenelle so that she could pass it along to her critics:

Jenelle, I want people to know YOU didn't write on back of our receipt, it was me!!! You can ask any waitress in the area that Frank and I give more than generous tips. Actually always over 20%. However, due to us arriving timely for our reservations, and we called in a cake request prior to arrival, I expected to have a great birthday for my son.

Unfortunately, that didn't help curb the "Jenelle stiffed a waitress" stories, so finally the reality star took to her Facebook page and shared the now infamous receipt, the waitress' message and finally, her response.

What do you guys think...should she still have made sure the girl got a good tip or is it not her problem because she didn't pay the bill?
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