Jasmine Tridevil Insists Her Third Boob Is Real, Shows Surgery Scar

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We're kind of already done with this story, but Jasmine Tridevil doesn't want us to be and she's desperately trying to show that all of the reports claiming she's a fake are totally wrong.

After the story of the woman who had a third breast surgically added on to her chest took the internet by storm, TMZ uncovered documents that poked a big hole in her story. According to a police report obtained by the site after her luggage was recently stolen, one of the items listed on the inventory was a "three breast prosthesis."

Jasmine isn't going to let a little police report stop her in her quest for three-boobed fame, though. When the report was released, she immediately took to her Facebook page to defend herself, offering this explanation followed by a pic of her supposed surgery scar.

The contents found in my bag at the airport was a mold of my chest. A fan offered me $500 to make one for him. I had it made in Vegas. I have 3 breast implants. None are prosthetics. And I am going to provide physical proof very soon.

Of course, there is also supposedly video of the surgery, which she is saving for her reality show.

Well played, Tridevil.

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