No Happy Hour Specials Here: Paris Hilton and Her Friends Ran Up a $230,000 Bar Tab

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If you're a waiter or waitress and you get a celebrity at your table, it's pretty safe to assume that you're going to get a good tip.

Why? First of all: Because they're rich, so why wouldn't they want to share the wealth with their lovely server? And second of all, because they kinda get blasted in the media whenever they leave bad, there's that.

In Paris Hilton's case, she proved that waiting on a celeb pays in a BIG way when she left a $47,000 tip for her waitress after a night out in NYC. That's right, that server got a TIP that's more than most of us make in a year.

Now we know what you're wondering: How much was the bill, because if it was like $500,000 then that's not really very good at all. But nobody would spend $500,000 for ONE night out, would they? Who knows, but she and her friends made it almost halfway there, racking up a $230,000 bar tab.

That being the case, it's actually only a 20-ish percent tip, which is still VERY generous, but not as fun as those stories where someone surprises their waiter or waitress with a couple hundred or even a couple thousand dollar tip on a meal that was only a couple bucks.

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