Kristin Cavallari Defends Her Super Slim Post-Baby Body: "Everybody's Different"

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If there's one thing that consistently annoys us, it's when the media gushes over a woman's post-baby body when she gave birth like eight seconds ago.

First of all, women carry differently and if all of the weight was in their stomach, of course they'll look "slimmer" after giving birth.

Second of all, we don't like the message that sends to other women who might have carried differently or didn't bounce back as quickly. Basically, we're telling them they should expect to be skinny a few days after they have their child, which is totally unreasonable.

In Kristin Cavallari's case, she carried mostly in her stomach and since she's tiny to begin with, she stepped out looking as slim as ever just one month after giving birth to her second son, Jaxon.

Of course, there was the usual "oh my gosh, check out Kristin's post-baby body" and then some people started to worry that she was too thin and immediately began judging her.

In a new interview with In Touch magazine, Kristin defends her slim post-baby body. "I know it's something that's hard for a lot of women, but people who say I'm too thin don't have my body or know what I'm eating," she told them. "I got too skinny after Camden [her first child], so now I have to make sure I'm eating enough. Everybody's different."

We couldn't agree more. Some people naturally lose the weight very quickly and some people take a little while longer, but either way, nobody deserves to be body-shamed.

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