Now That's a Handful! Kim Kardashian Shares Pic of Kanye West Grabbing Her Butt

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First of all, does Kim Kardashian have a personal photographer that just walks around with her?

She always has these strange non-selfie 'oh, I didn't know you were taking a picture' photos of times it looks like she would have otherwise been alone. Maybe Kris Jenner moonlights as a photographer?

Anyway, Kim just shared this pic of a would-be private moment between herself and hubby Kanye West in Paris, where he's grabbing a big handful of butt as they walk down a flight of stairs.

Maybe he's just being a gentleman and making sure she doesn't fall? She is wearing some REALLY tall heels and she's holding on to his shoulder, so maybe 'Ye just grabbed what he could to help keep her on her feet.

Or maybe Kim wants to show everyone that her man is totally hot for her, which we were actually already well-aware of, but thanks for the confirmation. That actually might be it, because Kim also shared this "look how in love we are!" photo from backstage at one of the events.

Either way, it's good to know 'Ye has Kim's back (side) covered because she was already attacked once during the trip by notorious prankster Vitalii Sediuk, who almost tackled her to the ground.

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