Liam Payne Gets Sentimental on Twitter, Discovers Definition of Bae

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Aw, Liam Payne has gone and gotten all gushy about life and the fans that have gotten him and the One Direction guys where they are today. You're welcome, Liam.

He kicked things off by teasing that he was going to leak the new One Directon album, but followed it up with "Sykkkkkk! Aha."

Then he hit up old man territory, saying he doesn't get "ship" and "bae" and the cool sayings the hip kids are spouting, writing: "I feel so old with all these sayings like 'ship' bae and 'no chill' can't keep up with the times when I was a kid saying bro was cool lol"

And then this happened:
On Instagram, he revealed he was looking for the definition of bae and landed on this, writing: "Why have people been calling each other poop in Danish?"

Liam started to rattle off an epic sentimental tweet run next, which we admit is a lot more adorable then a rant, for sure.

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