Parents Surprise 12-Year-Old Daughter With Lorde Tickets and Her Reaction Is Priceless

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The hardest thing about being a kid is that you can't just go out and do the things you want to do. You can't just hop in the car and drive down to the beach, you can't just buy whatever you want (unless your parents give you a really awesome allowance), you're pretty limited to what your parents decide you can do or the things they say you can get.

That being the case, it's all kinds of awesome when they decide to surprise you with something super cool that you couldn't just go out and get for yourself - like tickets to a Lorde concert.

This kid's parents made her think she was going to an amusement park (also awesome and not a bad fallback plan), but instead, they surprised her with Lorde tickets...and the best part was that they were going that night! No countdown timer necessary, she was already in the car on her way to the concert when she found out.

The best part is that the video went viral and Lorde saw it and tweeted this response.
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