'Daily Show' Jokes About One Direction Fans Following Zayn Malik Terrorist Joke

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Last week, The Daily Show came under fire from One Direction fans after host Jon Stewart made a joke that appeared to call Zayn Malik a terrorist (watch the clip here). Last night's show isn't going to make Directioners any happier.

We figured the Daily Show would bring up 1D at some point, given the huge response they got from the fandom. During the show, Jon commented on the enthusiasm of One Direction fans in a piece about dealing with climate change. But did he go too far again – and will fans be outraged over the new diss?

Jon made a joke this time about using that fandom passion to do some good, first jumping on a clip of President Obama's Climate Summit speech to say one of the biggest challenges we face is "the terrifying enthusiasm of One Direction fans."

He shed a few fake tears while explaining, "I had to log off my own Instagram. They're vicious!"

No, President Obama actually said that climate change is the challenge, which Jon admits, "is also scary," adding, "Maybe if we get the One Directioners upset about climate change...I heard Harry's floating out to sea on an ice cap."

By the way, The Daily Show never apologized fully over the joke that first got fans fired up, but took to Twitter to explain: "Dear 1D fans: We didn't know the band members' names, religions, hobbies, etc. Just knew they were popular. But not THIS popular. #whoa."

What do you think of Jon's new joke about the fans? Watch about the first minute and a half:

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