Harry Styles and Katy Perry Planned Date to "Annoy" Taylor Swift?

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Even though that whole Harry Styles and Katy Perry dinner date rumor was shot down, canceling the idea that they were getting some sort of revenge on Taylor Swift...well, it's coming back again with some new "insider" info.

To refresh your memory, Harry and Katy were seen at the same restaurant in LA, which spawned a whole lot of gossip over them teaming up against Taylor (for her song "Bad Blood" about Katy and for the multitude of Tay songs about Hazza). They were never on a date together, however - just at the same place at the same time.

A source told Heat (via Entertainment Wise) that Taylor wasn't happy with it all, explaining, "Katy's known Harry for years and she knew that going out and getting pictured with him would really annoy Taylor. And it worked."

The "source" ran with this line of reasoning, saying Taylor got in touch with Harry after pics surfaced and "told him to watch out for Katy." They added, "Harry didn't respond, but did tell Katy all about it. She couldn't stop laughing."

Another source-ish type added, "They'd [Harry and Katy] have thought it was pretty hysterical that Taylor took the bait and used their innocent dinner as an excuse to reach out to Harry."

This sounds all very middle school drama, doesn't it? We're not sure we're buying it, since that "date" rumor has already been proven wrong. Plus, at a recent listening party for her new album, Taylor told fans that she and Harry are good friends now.

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