Taylor Swift Is Upset About Katy Perry and Harry Styles Flirting?

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Taylor Swift is super sad that Katy Perry and Harry Styles are supposedly flirty these days? As if!

According to new reports, Taylor could care less about what her business-enemy and ex-boyfriend have going on with each other. Some outlets reported a few weeks ago that she was really upset and jealous when she heard they went out to dinner with each other awhile back, but that's definitely not the case.

Actually, Taylor supposedly thinks the whole Katy and Harry thing is a fraud. There's talk that Taylor is pretty sure Katy set up this non-existent Harry date to mess with her head.

"It makes her blood boil that Katy has this sweet-as-pie image when she's one of the most conniving girls in Hollywood," a source told Star.

All of this comes after Taylor revealed that a song on her upcoming album is pretty much about Katy being mean to her. Shortly after, Harry and Katy were spotted a Nobu restaurant. Coincidence? Taylor doesn't think so. Does she care? Nope.

Would you be upset if you were Taylor? Do you think Katy is using Harry to try to get back at Tay?

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