From 'TVD' to 'Gracepoint': 5 Things to Know About Kendrick Sampson

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He turned in his fangs.

Kendrick Sampson's run as Jesse from The Vampire Diaries, may have been short lived, but he's coming back to your TV screens in a whole new light. The Texas native got on the phone to chat with us about being on TVD, his new show Gracepoint and even shared how he got his start.

5: Kendrick's interest in acting was sparked by a commercial.
"It was a Gap commercial really. I wish I had an inspiring story, I just fell in love with acting. There used to be a commercial I believe with kids jumping on trampolines and they'd come up and do a shot and the theme would play. I was like, 'I want to be one of those kids,' so my mom was like, 'Alright, look for an agent,' and she gave me a newspaper and I did and I figured it out."

4: He's a big foodie!
"My favorite type of cuisine would be Creole food. Love having Creole food! All the sauces."

3: He's a compulsive list maker.
"I want to say it was nerve wrecking," Kendrick said about being on The Vampire Diaries, "but it wasn't. I didn't have much time to develop those nerves because I was cast so fast. I was on a plane within less than 24 hours of finding out. I was more worried about if I had enough socks and underwear. I didn't have time to make a list with everything I needed!"

2: He learned a lot from being on the set of TVD for four months on and off, but his biggest takeaway?
"The more that I'm on set, I learn more about my own process. Each person's process is different and you have to find what works for you and be confident in that. So I've been learning a lot about how to work on my own craft and focusing on figuring out what I need to work on. I feel that I need to work a lot harder than most actors to be just as good. So I need more time and while other people are playing around, joking and laughing, I need to be studying."

1: He's on a brand new show, Gracepoint, airing on October 2 on FOX.
"My character is Dean Iverson. The show is about a family who loses a young child. They find out he was murdered. It's a murder mystery that revolves around that murder and tears that town apart but also brings some people together. Everyone in town becomes a suspect. Dean is the boyfriend of the sister of the boy who was killed and just like everybody else, he possibly becomes a suspect. Possibly."

Catch the hour long premiere of Gracepoint on FOX on October 2.

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