North West Has a Better Wardrobe Than We Do, But Is That a Good Thing?

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Pretty much anything Kim Kardashian does with her daughter North West, there will be critics who say she's doing the wrong thing.

Most recently, the attention has been on North's wardrobe. Since the tiny tot has been in Paris with her parents for fashion week, she's been making more public appearances than usual lately and given the reason for their visit, it makes sense that people would be extra interested in her outfits.

Unfortunately, the interest has turned to some pretty heavy criticism. Some picked on the sheer blouse little Nori wore to the Givenchy show (pictured above). "Dress her up like a princess or some s**t, not in a sheer lace sexy dress," someone tweeted.

Others have been more focused on the fact that she was most recently wearing what looked like a pair of leather pants. It was probably just a pair of leggings with a leather effect, but if it looks like leather, it's apparently just as bad as far as the critics are concerned.

Celebrity Sighting In Paris
"I just want to know how a diaper works in leather leggings," one person wrote. "Wish Kimye would stop putting North in latex, leather and sheer. No baby can 'werk' latex leggings," another commented. "Wish i could be north west for halloween without it turning into a sexy baby costume," someone else chimed in.

Of course, North's airport outfit for the flight home didn't help silence the wardrobe police, who think she's being dressed too mature for her age...

Celebrity Sighting At Charles de Gaulle Airport
The way we see it, North is a baby and her parents are obviously super into fashion and they're dressing her accordingly. We actually thought the sheer top was kinda cute, especially because baby and "sexy" don't even belong in the same thought process, so we hadn't even considered that aspect of the ensemble.

What do you guys think? Should Kim be dressing her in "regular" kids clothes or do you think it's fun that they're experimenting with her fashion?
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