Did Jenna Marbles Just Solve the iPhone 6 #Bendgate Situation?

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Shortly after the iPhone 6 was released, pictures surfaced online of some phones that had bent and the #Bendgate scandal was born. Everyone was freaking out because "why should we buy this new iPhone 6 if it's just going to bend?"

Then, Jenna Marbles proposed a solution. In her newest YouTube video, Jenna explains that things bend if you bend them. In fact, you can ruin pretty much anything. Mugs break if you smash them, things melt if you burn them. Just don't do those things. So, don't bend your iPhone 6. Seems simple enough.

She actually makes a pretty good point. According to a Consumer Reports test, the iPhone 6 began to bend when 70 pounds of pressure were applied. That's with each end of the phone sitting on a stand and a crushing 70 pounds being applied directly to the middle.

Now, we like to think of ourselves as pretty strong, but we're not sure we could even bend it with our bare hands if we tried as hard as we could.

So, back to Jenna's explanation: Things bend IF YOU BEND THEM. You can bend your reading glasses, a spoon, your laptop or even your iPhone if you so desire, but that doesn't exactly make any of those situations scandal-worthy.

Plus, according to The Next Web, if your iPhone 6 really does bend and it passes their "Visual Mechanical Inspection" (it's a thing, apparently) the company will replace it for you, anyway.

Thanks, Jenna. Now we need to go find something else to stress about.
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