Liam Payne Bored and Scared in Latest Tweets and Instagram Pics

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Okay, we're both amused with and a little worried about Liam Payne. We previously reported on how he's having trouble sleeping on tour, missing his girlfriend, and is beyond bored.

Last night, Liam took to Twitter and Instagram with more tweets and pics running along that same theme – his insomnia and boredom-induced tweet sesh was pretty adorable, and those new Instagram pics? Well, let's just say he might have hit the bottom of the boredom barrel.

Liam tweeted more about being unable to sleep and, this time, the fans were there for support, both helping him through being scared from the horror flick Annabelle, and answering a burning question from the One Direction singer.

Turns out, Liam isn't familiar with what all the "daddy" stuff about him is, LOL. Check out some of Liam's Twitter highlights and Instagram pics below.
While he noted, "wish I was good at falling asleep," he took a Twitter poll to see whether they should all sleep or not. No surprise, the fans wanted more tweets from Liam, as he wrote: "Looks like I'm staying up."

He eventually said he was "starting to fall asleep" and seemed to be signing off for the night, tweeting: "Guess I better sleep night everyone maybe I'll speak to you tomorrow." And then, this happened: Aw.

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