Ansel Elgort Says He's Almost as Famous as Justin Bieber

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Ansel Elgort is nearly as big as Justin Bieber, according to the actor himself.

The Fault in Our Stars hunk says ever since he played Gus in the hit movie, his life has completely changed.

"You know, the movie's made like, $300 million worldwife, more than Divergent," he tells BuzzFeed. "And then it was like everyone [knew me] -- every young person in the world. I went to Paris. Every young person I passed on the street knew who I was was. Which is nuts. Around the world."

The actor and deejay claims he's bigger than Chloe Grace Moretz and almost as famous as the Biebs.

"Even working with Chloë Moretz, she doesn't have what I have right now," he said. "It's different when every young girl [is], like, screaming. And that's nuts. Like, I never talked to Justin Bieber about it. But that's basically what's going on. On like a little bit smaller scale, but, still, it's crazy."

Comparing your fame to Bieber fever is one thing, but let's hope Ansel doesn't start acting douchey like Justin often does. He seems pretty down to earth and we're hoping he stays that way, no matter how popular he gets.

Who do you think has the bigger following?

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