Which Kind of Halloween Candy Are You?

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<p>For some people, <a href="http://www.cambio.com/tag/halloween/"><strong>Halloween</strong></a> is all about the costume. For the rest of us, for people of reason, Halloween is all about the candy. And not the ancient hard candy that your grand mom has kept hermetically sealed in a glass jar in her living room since 1986. We're talking the good stuff: <strong>Reese's Peanut Butter Cups</strong>. <strong>Snickers</strong> or <strong>Hershey's</strong> chocolate bars. <strong>Lemonheads</strong>. <strong>Candy corn</strong>. <strong>Red hots</strong>. The only caliber of candy that would lead us to put on one of those cringeworthy sexy pirate costumes. Bad candy is a calorie wasted. Good candy is worth waiting for all year long. And it is that idea that inspired us to create this quiz, just in time for Halloween: <strong>Just what kind of Halloween candy are you?</strong></p>

You just left a Halloween party. What's everyone saying about you?

Well there goes trouble
She’s just as smooth she looks
Whoa, there’s a lot goin’ on under the surface
Colorful, and yet so old fashioned
Everything she says cuts both ways. Is she sweet or salty?
What a tart. But I still want to text her.

Some kid shows up at your front door in a cute little costume. You ...

Sneak up behind him and shriek “GONNA EAT YOU”
Offer him candied apples and hot cider
Give him two different candies each. Variety. Spice of life and all that.
Surprise him with homemade triple-decker treats
Let him pick his own candy
Dazzle him with a costume that will make him weep with envy

You have died. Sorry about that. As a ghost, you choose to haunt ...

My ghostly soulmate
A spa. Unlimited pedicures! Or, wait. Do I not have feet anymore?
A graveyard. No need to get fancy
A prison. Always something goin’ on in there
A skyscraper with lots of interesting tenants
Anyplace that wouldn't expect me

You’re picking out your Halloween costume. You go for …

A complex look that takes weeks to build
The brightest thing in the room
Bloodier the better
Something full of good old fashioned American tradition, like a witch or the Great Pumpkin
Something that everyone will love
A costume that requires a second person to work

A witch appears before you and offers to cast a spell on your behalf. You request ...

A cure for all the little sick children everywhere
Love spell. Duh
Turning my ex into Pepper from <I>American Horror Story</I>
The plans to Area 51, the secrets of dark matter and the location of Amelia Earhart
Two more spells
Surprise me! Surprise everybody!

You have lots of options for Halloween night. You choose …

A date with someone different but intriguing
An old-fashioned party with apple-bobbing and somebody’s Dad having way too much fun with dry ice
Haunting every square inch of your house
An high-energy concert with tons of people slamming into each other
A real haunted house. I love to be shocked
Wherever my friends will be

You’re trapped in a haunted house! How do you deal?

Ghosts? Let me have a look. From outside.
Ghosts? Let’s draw a pentagram on the floor and stir ‘em up.
Ghosts? Cool! Do they throw stuff?
Ghosts? Where’s my bible?
Ghosts? Where’s my homemade spirit trap when I need it?
Ghosts? Whatever. No fun without a werewolf.

What do you look for in a horror film?

Deep, layered plots
Blood, blood, blooooooood
Anything different and totally unpredictable
A perfect blend of fear and humor
A story that never gets old
A childhood favorite, with happy ending
Loading Your Personality
Which Kind of Halloween Candy Are You?
"Reese's Peanut Butter Cup"
You like your life, but you love it even more when you share it with others. You enjoy pitching in, adding variety, and exploring the idea of duality. Halloween, a day at work, movie night -- no matter what the occasion, you are at your best when you complement other people, especially those who are different from you. 
Which Kind of Halloween Candy Are You?
"Chocolate bar"
You're a smooth operator who always manages to know what everyone else wants and how to give it to them. You go with the flow, and you're all the more popular for it. You read people like no one else can and you're more loved than you know.
Which Kind of Halloween Candy Are You?
You love to add a little zing to any situation, and you specialize in keeping people guessing until the last possible minute. Your surprises don't always get the result you want, but so what? Better to make a few mistakes than to live a boring life. (SHARE this with someone who's sweet.)
Which Kind of Halloween Candy Are You?
"Red hots"
The baddest of the bad, you revel in creating havoc. Shock is your friend, danger your middle name. Some people may fear your bold approach, and your actions often land you in hot water, but you'd rather light yourself on fire than change. (SHARE this with someone who's sweet.)
Which Kind of Halloween Candy Are You?
"Snickers bar"
You're the most complex among your group of friends. A tinkerer, a questioner, an explorer, a builder, you crave multilayered experiences. You know that the best movies, books and food have layers to them...and that the most interesting people are the same way. (SHARE this with someone who's sweet.)
Which Kind of Halloween Candy Are You?
"Candy corn"
You're as sweet as the honey flavor of this classic Halloween treat. Totally irresistible (to most). Do you find that others can't get enough of you and often gorge on the pleasure of your company? Gently remind them: Only the strongest stomachs can handle a large helping. (SHARE this with someone who's sweet.)
Which Kind of Halloween Candy Are You?
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