Katy Perry's Childhood Love Letter Is Absolutely Adorable...and It's For Sale!

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Talk about a throwback!

An auction site has listed a love letter that they say was written by Katy Perry when she was just 10 or 11 years old and it's definitely the cutest thing we've seen in awhile.

Katy's adorable love letter comes complete with the "original transmittal envelope sealed with a Lisa Frank style sticker." There are also more stickers on the letter and we all know when that when we were younger, stickers were serious business.

According to the listing, the letter is written to a friend Katy met at camp and saw at evangelical rallies that both of their families attended.

"I like you a lot! Write back a.s.a.p," Katy wrote at the end of the letter, which she signed "Love, Katy Hudson." Ohhhhhhh!

Seriously, how cute is it to picture a young Katy Perry sitting in her room with her stickers, trying to decide which ones to put on her little hand-written note, that her parents probably had to help her mail.

The current bid on the letter is $350 (at the time this article was published) and it is expected to sell for somewhere between $600-$800.

**Click here to see the full letter**
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