'Plus Size' Model Robyn Lawley Shares Her Amazing Insight About Body Image

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Take one look at Robyn Lawley and it seems pretty obvious why she would be confident in her body - she's absolutely stunning!

Still, the model who has a figure any of us would envy is a "plus-size" model in an industry where even TOO skinny doesn't seem to be skinny enough.

In a new interview with Marie Claire Australia, the 6-foot-2 inch stunner opened up about the pressure to be thin and how it almost made her want to quit modeling.

"When you first consider the idea of modeling, you automatically think you have to be really skinny. I was really into fashion, so I knew models were about half the size I was. When I went to see the agencies, my weight was always an issue, so I took it upon myself to start losing it," she confessed.

"Everyone around me accepted that, because [they] also thought, well, Robyn wants to be model and she could be a successful model, so it's natural she has to lose weight," she continued.

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Robyn also admits that she had a lot of issues with it, recalling one specific incident when she was 16 and she was "trying not to eat," but she was so hungry, she caved and had a salad, while her "painfully thin" fellow model friend ate nothing. "I just thought it was so messed up," she recalls, "I was worried about her health."

Now, the 25-year-old is confident in her body and she really hopes that people like herself, Kate Upton and even up-and-coming models can help bring about some much-needed change in terms of industry standards.

"You can be the difference that changes the fashion world," she encourages. "Look at Kate Upton's success and I really think it's going to be what changes the fashion world - girls just refusing to lose the weight and accepting their natural size."

You know what? We're gonna go ahead and file that one away for a 'bad body day.' Whether you're an up-and-coming model or just an average everyday girl, the message is equally powerful, because let's face it, we all pretty much feel that pressure.

Thanks for the awesome insight, Robyn!

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