Jenelle Evans Puts a Fan on Blast for Taking a Photo of Her

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Jenelle Evans is obviously used to people wanting to take her photo when they spot her out in public. Whether it's the paparazzi or the general public, everyone wants to get that coveted shot. Sometimes fans ask if they can take photos with her and since we've seen a bunch of fan photos with her, it sounds like she's willing to oblige.

What she doesn't like, however, is when people try to be sneaky about snapping the shot, which is exactly what happened when Jenelle was getting her hair done on Wednesday.

"If you take pics of me, make sure your flash is off," the reality star tweeted. Apparently, just putting this anonymous person on blast wasn't enough for the mother of two, who decided she wanted to give her a taste of her own medicine.

"Lmao yeah well do u feel awkward now? Did it with u looking," she captioned a photo of the woman sitting a few feet away from her, obviously realizing that Jenelle was just turning the camera back around on her.

While that isn't necessarily exactly what we would have done, it sounds like Jenelle's idea worked because the woman did apologize.

We understand why Jenelle would be annoyed, though. It would be really frustrating to have people trying to sneak pictures of you wherever you go.

Do you guys think that just goes with the territory or should people give her more privacy?

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