This New Dating Site Filters Out Creepy Messages for You...If You Live in New York

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Chances are if you've taken a crack at online dating, at least one creepy or weird message has hit your inbox.

Now, there's a new online dating site for New Yorkers called Mesh that filters out those notes, starting the process by not letting certain people send you a message if they answer "Dealbreaker" questions you've set in the wrong way, according to MTV News.

CEO Asher Snyder told the outlet Mesh is built around "smart filters," which filter out "obvious bad things, like spam and fake gibberish messages, but it can also detect vulgarity and 'text speak.'"

"It can detect the grammar and the spelling level of a message, as compared to your grammar and spelling level," Asher continued. "It knows if a message has simply been copied and pasted multiple times."

Aside from filtering out the messages, Mesh users can also specify what they want in a person, such as a certain ethnicity, religion or height, and even if you are just looking for hook-ups.

Right now, the site is only focused on New York, but anyone in the U.S. can sign up. As of right now, there are users in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and New York.

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