Britney Spears' Ex Manager Helped Orchestrate Amanda Bynes Hospital Stay

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After yet another disturbing Twitter rant and some increasingly strange behavior, Amanda Bynes was hospitalized on Friday night on a 5150 psychiatric hold, according to TMZ.

Given how upset she seemed at her parents, namely her father, it seemed impossible that she would ever even agree to see them again - and that's where Britney Spears' ex manager comes in.

Sam Lufti, who Britney's parents had accused of some negative things during his friendship with the pop star, actually swooped in and helped save Amanda.

TMZ reports that Sam contacted Amanda on Thursday and convinced her to sue her parents and that's how he got her to take a flight from NYC to Los Angeles, where her parents reside.

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The troubled actress reportedly believed that she was going to make two stops, one at the lawyer's office and one at the London Hotel. Upon arriving at the London, she believed she'd be meeting with her parents to tell them about the lawsuit, except that she never arrived at the hotel because the driver took her straight to a Pasadena hospital that looked like an office building.

The site reports that Amanda's parents are extremely grateful to Sam and will be thanking him publicly.

Whatever Sam said to Amanda must have been pretty convincing, because she actually tweeted this just hours before she arrived in Los Angeles.

We wish Amanda and her family all of the best during this extremely difficult time.
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