The Real Lorde Sings South Park's Lorde Parody Song and It's Perfect

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So, South Park did a parody of Lorde the singer and then Lorde the singer did a parody of South Park's parody of her. We know, it's kind of confusing, but it's also all kinds of awesome. Just watch, you'll see what we mean.

While anyone would probably be nervous after they heard they'd been spoofed on South Park (right, Kim Kardashian?) Lorde's wasn't bad at all. In fact, Randy Marsh actually desperately wanted to be her, so it was actually sort of a compliment.

Turns out, Lorde thought the "Ya, ya, ya" parody was "very funny" and was such a good sport about it, she sang the Lorde parody song on camera.

"In my hotel room, we went 'ya, ya, ya' I am Lorde, 'ya, ya, ya' for like an hour...because that's what they do on the episode," she joked.

Now we're torn, we can't decide which Lorde parody we like better: South Park's original Lorde parody or Lorde's version of the Lorde parody.
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