Attention Ladies: This Is What Ansel Elgort Looks for in a Girl

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It doesn't matter if Ansel Elgort is playing the charismatic Gus in Fault in Our Stars or awkward teen Tim Mooney in Men, Women and Children, it seems like he always gets the girl onscreen.

So, we couldn't help but to ask the 20-year-old hottie what he finds attractive in a potential ladylove in his own life. Especially since he's reportedly on the heels of his break-up from his high school sweetheart Violetta Komyshan.

"I want someone who is really passionate about something, because then I feel like then you can have conversations - someone who has something they're passionate about and they can talk about it," he told us Monday. "I'm a busy guy, and I have a busy life and I have things that I have to focus on and things that I'm passionate about other than a relationship. And if a girl can be like 'oh yeah, I have something going on too' or 'I'm too busy to hang out' I love it. It's good to make time for each other but if you're not interested in anything why are you interested in me. You should have something that makes you excited in life other than who you're dating."

And if Ansel has his eyes on you, he'll let you know in person, rather than flirting on social media or text.

When asked if he would tell a girl on social media if he liked her, the actor said, "I'd probably tell them in person. When you really like someone - that's the one thing [Men, Women and Children] is saying too – life is about the human connection. No matter how much social media and technology rules our lives, human connection will be something that will always prevail and that we're gonna long for and want."

"I have a feeling that people are always gonna want love and want that connection," he went on. "Personally, I don't think it's bad to talk to someone over text sometimes. That's just like the small talk."

In Men, Women and Children, Ansel's character, Tim, struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts. In the midst of his downward spiral, he meets and falls for Brandy (Kaitlyn Dever), and has some of the most important interactions with her in the film in person instead of on social media.

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