Taylor Swift Admits She's an Online Creeper, Totally Stalks Her Fans on the Net

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You might want to watch what you post online these days, especially if you're a Taylor Swift fan. No, she's not looking out for hackers or anything, but she totally creeps on her fans who are on the Net.

During an interview with BBC America, she admitted that when she was determining which fans to invite to her secret "1989" listening sessions, she spent a lot of time "looking at the internet."

Just last week she picked 89 fans to come to her Rhode Island home to listen to her new album "1989" in full. They were quick to post the selfies they took with her online. The one thing all of us who were left out wanted to know was how in the heck do we get in there, too?

"I would go online and I would look at their Instagram pages, or their Twitter or their Tumblr or whatever and I just kind of watched them for months and months," Taylor told BBC.

Dang, months?! That's intense! But, it's pretty cool she's so connected to fans, right? We wish she would creep this post and hire us as her professional BFFs or something. Just an invite to one of those listening parties would be sweet, too.

If you were famous would you creep your fans, and communicate with them online like she does?

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