Tyler Posey Strips Down to His Underwear...for a Good Cause

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Tyler Posey doesn't mind showing off his bod, particularly when it's for a good cause (and we don't mind seeing it).

The Teen Wolf star made the ladies scream on The Ellen DeGeneres Show as he stripped down to his bright pink underwear and took the plunge in Ellen DeGeneres's dunk tank in honor of his mom Cyndi Garcia – who is battling breast cancer.

Ellen teamed up with Ulta in an effort to raise awareness for breast cancer research, with the company agreeing to donate $10,000 dollars for every person who gets dunked in her tank.

To take things up a notch, Pink was on hand to dunk Tyler in. So, after he took off his robe and grabbed a seat above the tank, the singer wound up her arm and threw a pink ball at the target. Unfortunately, this didn't exactly go off without a hitch (she did admit she has terrible aim), so after a few tries of not dunking Tyler, Pink walked up, pressed the button and he fell in.

Tyler recently opened up about his mom's battle with breast cancer last month in his MTV documentary Being Tyler Posey. In it, his mom told Tyler, "This is just a challenge we met head on, but we've never let it get us down. The hardest part was having to tell my boys that I have breast cancer. I didn't want them to be scared."

"I think you've been the strongest out of anyone," Tyler responded. "All I want is for you to feel love."

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