Which Horror Movie Character Are You?

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<a href="http://www.cambio.com/tag/halloween/">Halloween</a> is coming, but horror movie season is year round. Think you know how you'd fit into an installment of <em><strong>Paranormal Activity</strong></em> or <em><strong>Cabin Fever</strong></em>? Take our quiz and find out!

In the middle of a party, a guy runs onto the dance floor and announces that there’s something weird going on outside. You …

Are too busy doing beer shots to notice
Run outside. Someone might need help!
Run outside. You might need to help the helper!
Roll your eyes and ignore the guy. He’s probably just high on that there weed
Aren’t there. You’re too busy scaring people outside

Your boyfriend won’t return your texts. Hospitals aren’t answering the phone. 911 has gone dead. You …

Hop in your very expensive sports car, put the top down and enjoy the air as you drive sexily to your boyfriend’s house
Call the phone company and complain
Try calling mom, who, oddly, sounds more monster-ish than usual
Step outside your house, where you barely avoid being run down by zombies
Cackle at your evil genius

A stranger calls you up and says he’s outside and wants to talk about trivia. You:

Tell your pesky brother to knock it off
Play along. Could be your boyfriend…using a very weird voice distorter
Invite him into the kitchen, where your knives will be waiting
Hang up. It’s movie night, and That Movie is on!
Hand the phone over to your funny best friend. She’ll know what to do

You’re not sure what horror is stalking you, but it’s time to pick a weapon. You reach for …

Whatever is left. Your previously undiscovered bravery will act as a shield
Rope. It’s always fun to strangle people, I mean, monsters!
The butcher knife, which you have never before used
The gun, before anyone else can nab it
Your Instagram-ready phone. This is, like, stupid

OK, there is definitely a killer on the loose. Holed up in your living room with your friends, you hear the doorbell ring and your gym teacher’s voice calling from outside. Then he starts to knock. You …

Let him in and shake his hand. He’s doin’ a great job over at the school
Let him in! There is a KILLER OUT THERE!
The gym teacher? Didn’t he kill you once?
Let him in and question him mercilessly. Killer or not, gym teachers need to suffer
Let him in, but grab a frying pan first. There’s always a frying pan within four feet of you
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Which Horror Movie Character Are You?
"The villain"
You’re the type of person who’s determined to see things through to the bitter end, whether it’s in your ultimate best interest or not. And when you go down, you go down spectacularly—in a gout of flames, a vat of acid, or screaming nooooooo while falling from a great height.
Which Horror Movie Character Are You?
"The doomed best friend"
Your empathy and relative bravery often see you through minor scrapes. But, while kindness and loyalty are your strengths, you’re just not the brightest candle in the jack-o-lantern. A rookie mistake is always your undoing. BEHIND YOU. For GOD’S SAKE, he’s BEHIND YOU.
Which Horror Movie Character Are You?
"The useless cop"
You’re hardheaded and practical, almost to a fault. That makes you likable and useful…to everyone but the cool people who count. As soon as you confront the bizarre or seemingly impossible, you flee like a coward and end up dying in a car crash of your own making, usually sometime in Act 3.
Which Horror Movie Character Are You?
"The survivor"
You always underestimate yourself until you’re thrown into a crisis. Then, to the surprise of everyone, you grow inexplicably brave and save the day. You specialize in improvisation and creativity, using whatever is around you to get you out of a jam…such as a fight with a zombie. You’re also cute, but not dressed so hot that you get killed in the first scene. And you refuse to hook up until all the monsters are dead.
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