Baby Daddy Drama: Gary Shirley Reportedly Goes on Facebook Rant Against Amber Portwood

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The new season of Teen Mom hasn't even started and there is already plenty of stuff to try to keep track of.

Some of the goings-on are good, like Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra expecting their second child, and some of it is just straight-up drama, like what is happening with Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley.

First things first, there are reports that Gary is expecting a child with his current girlfriend, which has to be pretty tough for Amber. But, that's not all...

During the Ask the Moms special, Amber said that Gary kinda cheated on her while she was in prison.

Now, Gary is taking to social media to defend himself. First, he tweeted that he needs to write a book so he can set the record straight. Then, when 140 characters wasn't enough, he reportedly took to Facebook to really rant.

According to RadarOnline, the reality star shared the following messages:

"I told her about my girl 5 days after I officially started dating her. And I told her in front of my girl friend over the phone cause I didn't wanna lie! Plz be aware that most of what she has said is false! Amber unfortunately has to put a spin on things to make her the victim plus it helps her dog me a lil!"

"By all means plz continue to lie and sell your book which also lies about me cheating, which I did do 1 time, but was just a kiss and I did it cause I was breaking up w Amber anyways."

"Amber gets phone calls often from Leah after I insist she talk to Amber even when she doesn't want to! Having both her parents is super important so she don't feel abandoned."

Whoa, that's some pretty tough stuff. Hopefully this will all blow over so they can continue to co-parent Leah. Plus, Amber is doing so well right now, the last thing she needs is baby daddy drama.
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