Louis Vuitton Releases $175,000 Punching Bag

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For some reason, we can totally picture Scott Disick having one of these.

As part of their new celebrating monogram collection, Louis Vuitton has released this ultra posh punching bag.

According to T magazine, the bag, designed by Karl Lagerfield, costs "about $175,000," which is about $174,900 too rich for our blood.

The website itself says "price on request," but given that the case the gloves come in is listed for $5900 we're gonna guess that even if the price is a little less than T magazine's estimate, it's still too rich for our blood.

Unless one can take out a loan to buy a punching bag? Even so, we would probably never, ever touch the thing anyway. First of all, it's actually really gorgeous and we've all seen what a beat-up punching bag looks like. And second of all, we just can't imagine beating the s**t out of something so expensive.

That's not to say that if we were able to afford it, we wouldn't buy it because we totally would. No, we wouldn't punch it, but the bag AND the box it comes in are works of art in and of themselves. So yes, in our "if I win the lottery" fantasy, there is one of these hanging in the gym area of our mansion.

For what it's worth, there is a baby version of the Karl Lagerfield Louis Vuitton punching bag and that one will only set you back $3400.

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