Justin Bieber Busts Out Scheme to Avoid Being Served Lawsuit Papers

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Apparently when you're Justin Bieber, you're always prepared to get served lawsuit papers. That's exactly what went down when the Biebs was almost served outside his Beverly Hills condo.

As if dealing with the police all night wasn't annoying enough, Justin was reportedly stalked outside his place by a process server trying to serve him a legal papers on Wednesday, October 15. In typical Bieber fashion, he was prepared for the situation and totally pulled a prank to get away with it.

According to X17.com, Justin got wind of the process server posting up outside his place. He had his bodyguard leave in his red Ferrari, the car she was spotting out. Right after the guard left, Justin pulled out in his black Range Rover.

The Biebs' scheme worked, and she was caught off guard. Once she realized what was going on, she threw the papers at his windshield. That totally doesn't count as being "served"...

Justin wasn't phased. He reportedly went to McDonalds for some eats shortly afterwards, and went on with his day.

The whole lawsuit comes from a victim of an alleged car accident in West Hollywood in 2013. Read more about that here. Just another day in the life of the Biebs...

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