Fans Threaten to Call CPS on Jenelle Evans Again! Find Out Why

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Now we know why some celebrities choose to avoid social media altogether. It seems that every time Jenelle Evans posts a picture of her baby, the haters find something to get angry about.

In this newest non-scandal, Jenelle posted a picture of her son Kaiser during their vacation to Walt Disney World and for the second time in a month, fans threatened to call call Child Protective Services again.

In case you're wondering what the "again" is about, fans were blowing up the agency's phone lines earlier this month after Jenelle posted a picture of Kaiser where a shadow on his face made it look like he might have a black eye. Jenelle has since posted pics to prove that it wasn't a black eye, but now everyone has this new picture to be angry about.

So, what's wrong with this picture? Fans are saying Jenelle didn't put sunscreen on her son and are angry about what they believe is a sunburn on his arm.

Finally, Jenelle took to Twitter in her defense, lashing out at one person in particular. "B**ch stfu holy s**t u guys annoy the f**k out of CPS," she wrote.

It is kind of sad that Jenelle can't post a single picture without people calling CPS on her and from everything we've seen, it looks like she finally does have her life together and is trying to be the best mom she can.

What do you guys think?

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