Self-Promoter Gets a Huge Break From Kylie Jenner

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You know when you park somewhere (especially in a mall or other crowded parking lot) and you come back to your car after being gone for like 5 seconds and someone has already managed to stick some marketing flyer on your windshield?

Well, that's basically what happened to Kylie Jenner in Calabasas the other day. See, even celebrities aren't immune to that kind of stuff!

Kylie posted this pic on Instagram when she got back into her car with the caption, "*20 mins later* "oh btw some guy put his picture on your car" lmaoooo I think imma keep it there. @stassiebaby is my getaway driver today."

Turns out, that's exactly what he wanted her to do! In the video above, the guy explains why he sticks stuff on people's cars and it's pretty much an attempt to make himself Insta-famous, which kind of worked.

The flyer asks people to follow him on Instagram and we're not sure if Kylie did that or not, but she DID post his pic, which still counts for something.

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