Justin Bieber Refuses to Move Illegally Parked Car Outside Ice Cream Shop

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Just when you thought that $10 parking ticket you got the other day was outrageous, wait until you hear about the one Justin Bieber was just slammed with. Over the weekend, the popstar reportedly refused to move his fancy car that was parked illegally outside a Beverly Hills ice cream shop, and took on hefty tickets instead.

It all went down when Justin apparently wanted some ice cream on Sunday, October 19, so he stopped by Sugarfina in Beverly Hills. Like a boss, or mom, he waited in his red Ferrari outside the shop while his bodyguard ran in to pick up the eats. Too bad both JB and his bodyguard's rides were parked illegally...

We all know that parking illegally is a big no-no anywhere in Los Angeles, so when an officer came and asked the Biebs to either move or be issued parking tickets, JB chose the fines. That's TWO $90 fines for freaking ice cream!

Obviously that amount of money isn't anything to Justin. But really...he couldn't move the cars?

This isn't the only time we've heard of Justin being a diva, or a jerk to the cops. Think he should've moved his rides, or did he do what you would've done? Chime in.

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